Jewellery valuations
in Northampton


As members of the Guild of Valuers and Jewellers and with over 35 years’ experience, our team at Saint Gyles can provide professional and comprehensive jewellery valuations in Northampton. Our highly qualified specialists are always available to value your prized possessions.

Valuations are incredibly important as they provide proof of ownership, at the time of the valuation, and an established replacement value in the event of loss or damage. 

Once you have had your jewellery valued it may be necessary to look into your insurance cover. It can be more cost effective to obtain specialist jewellery insurance as opposed to adding these items to your household contents insurance.

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Industry experts recommend that jewellery valuations are carried out every 4 years to ensure they are always accurate and up to date.

Moreover, it is also important to be adequately covered in the unfortunate event that you need to make an insurance claim.

We understand that probate claims and jewellery valuations require our immediate attention. The fees associated with this service will relate to the value of the item in question.

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What Are Jewellery Valuations and How Might They Benefit You?

As the name implies, a jewellery valuation is the process of identifying and verifying the value of a piece of jewellery. The aim is to provide the customer with a complete description of their item and its corresponding value for a specific purpose.

When determining the value of precious metals, gems and vintage watches, we take account of a variety of factors, including the age, materials used, condition and provenance. We also consider who made the piece and how this may influence the value. If there are any gemstones set in the jewellery, we will of course examine them very carefully.

However, jewellery valuations involve more than just a document that describes an item and stipulates its monetary value. They are the result of a meticulous evaluation process carried out by experts, such as our team here at Saint Gyles, who possess the necessary training, qualifications and experience to provide a specialist assessment service.

Jewellery valuations are important because they can give you an accurate picture and peace of mind if you are thinking about:


  • Selling your collection
  • Insuring it
  • Declaring its value for probate or tax purposes

As you may know, jewellery offers excellent investment potential. As the value of precious gems and metals tends to change over time, conducting “jewellery valuations near me” searches online and seeking expert advice can help ensure you obtain a greater return on your investment.

Jewellery valuations for insurance purposes will prove to be extremely beneficial if you need to make a claim. An accurate valuation can help prevent a significant financial loss if your item is lost, stolen or damaged. It will also enable you to obtain a replacement of equal value and size. Although you will never be able to replace the sentimental value of your item, you will at least be able to regain its monetary value.

Do Jewellers Charge for Valuations?

As you may have guessed, the answer is yes. Jewellers and registered valuers utilise their time, expertise, equipment and supplies to ascertain the value of a particular piece of jewellery. Charges can vary according to the purpose of the valuation and the type and complexity of the work involved.

At Saint Gyles, we believe jewellery valuations are a smart investment move. The associated cost is certainly more than justified, particularly when you consider both the sentimental and monetary value of your jewellery and the peace of mind that an accurate valuation will bring.

Expert Assessments at Saint Gyles

If you need professional jewellery valuations for insurance, tax or investment purposes, our experts at Saint Gyles will be only too happy to help. We are members of the Guild of Valuers and Jewellers with more than 30 years’ relevant experience. Furthermore, we are always striving to improve our knowledge and expertise in order to provide our customers with timely and accurate assessment services.

At Saint Gyles, we provide detailed notes and analysis as part of our jewellery valuations in Northampton. Our appraisals are always carefully conducted, highly accurate, accountable, and trusted by insurance companies, tax authorities and the law.

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