Jewellery not only exudes elegance and beauty, it is also often associated with cherished memories and sentimental value. However, time can take its toll on your precious mementoes as they can suffer from everyday wear and tear, leaving them damaged or broken. So, rather than letting them collect dust in the back of your drawer, why not consider the transformative power of a jewellery fixing service?

From preserving memories of treasured heirloom pieces to embracing sustainability, fixing jewellery is a factual testimony to the well-known saying “old is gold”. Here, we will explore the art of repairing jewellery and explain how it can breathe new life into a precious piece.


Understanding Jewellery Repairs

Essentially, fixing jewellery involves repairing and refurbishing damaged and out-of-commission jewellery items. Skilled artisans take on this task with precision and care, utilising a variety of techniques to restore the original charm of a treasured piece. The process involves delicate craftsmanship and an eye for detail to ensure the repair is seamless and enduring.


The Beauty of Preserving Sentimental Value

Many jewellery pieces are more than just decorative accessories and often carry significant sentimental value. Others may symbolise a milestone in your life; it could be the necklace you received on a special birthday, the engagement ring that signifies eternal love or an heirloom passed down through the generations.
Of course, it can be heartbreaking to think that you may lose a much-loved piece of jewellery due to damage. Fortunately, professional jewellery repairs offer a solution to this problem, allowing you to preserve the memories associated with your precious pieces so you can continue cherishing them for many years to come.


Economic and Environmental Benefits

In today’s instantaneous consumerist society, the throwaway culture has become all too common. Broken jewellery often gets discarded, leading to pointless waste and a strain on the environment.
By opting for a jewellery fixing service, you can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Repairing broken pieces not only saves money, it also helps reduce the demand for newly mined precious metals and gemstones.


Restoring Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery has a timeless elegance, harking back to the craftsmanship of a bygone era. Nevertheless, with age, exquisite pieces can lose their lustre, durability and functionality.
When it comes to restoring antique jewellery to its former beauty, artisans – such as our team here at Saint Gyles – play an undeniably crucial role. Due to their meticulous craftsmanship, jewellery can be fixed and its historical value and authentic charm preserved.


The Art of Customisation

Fixing jewellery is not just about repairs; it opens the door to a world of customisation. Similar to the Japanese art of kintsugi, you can customise your piece to further enhance its allure. Better still, you may soon discover a new attraction for an item you thought was ruined but which has been restored with a careful repair and resurrected with a little touch of customisation.
If you own a piece of jewellery that no longer suits your style, why not give it a new lease of life with an alteration? Skilled artisans can incorporate additional gemstones, resize rings or rework the design to reflect your current tastes while retaining the essence of the original piece.


Expertise in Gemstone Setting

Although gemstones add charm and vibrancy to a piece of jewellery, over time and with regular wear, they may loosen or fall out entirely. Fortunately, skilled jewellery repairers understand how to set gemstones, ensuring that each stone is secure and perfectly aligned. Their expertise will not only help enhance the appearance of the piece but also guarantee its longevity.


Choosing the Right Jewellery Repair Service

When it comes to your precious jewellery, choosing the right jewellery fixing service is crucial. You should only engage the services of reputable jewellers who have a proven track record of jewellery repair and restoration. Read their customer reviews and testimonials to gauge their expertise and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to enquire about their repair process and the materials they use as this will help to ensure you will obtain the best possible outcome for your cherished pieces.



Fixing jewellery is not merely about repairing a damaged ring or necklace, it is an art that can breathe new life into much-loved pieces. Let’s be honest, no matter how careful we are, we will all at some point scratch our most treasured jewellery. However, we should not think of the damage as an imperfection but rather a feature that adds unique character to the piece. By opting for a professional repair, you will be honouring the sentimental value of your jewellery, thereby contributing to sustainability efforts and preserving the elegance of your antique pieces.

Whether we’re talking about a family heirloom or your favourite accessory, our talented artisans at Saint Gyles Jewellers will be able to work their magic on your treasured jewellery. In no time at all, you will be able to embrace the beauty and practicality of a professional repair and witness your damaged jewellery being transformed into a beautiful treasure unique to you once again.