White gold is a symbol of elegance that speaks without words. This precious metal weaves magic into every piece it forms – a ring that promises forever or a necklace that whispers of subtle grace.

Nevertheless, regular care and timely restoration are needed for maintenance. Without this care, the story fades, and so does the lustre of your precious pieces, losing a bit of their soul and value.

This article is a guide to white gold replating and restoration. We’ll walk through the delicate process of bringing back the sparkle to your beloved pieces, ensuring they continue shining as brightly as your memories.


What is White Gold?

White gold is a marvel of alchemy. Born from the union of traditional gold with noble white metals like nickel, palladium, or silver, it’s a harmonious blend that brings forth something new. This is a metal that endures.

While its cousin, yellow gold, echoes the sun’s warmth, white gold whispers the relaxed elegance of moonlight. Its distinctive, silvery hue, born from a blend unlike any other, offers a modern twist to the timeless allure of gold.


Understanding White Gold Plating

White gold plating is a delicate process that involves adorning the jewellery with a whisper-thin layer of rhodium, a metal known for its brilliant white sheen and remarkable strength.

Think of plating as the guardian of your jewellery’s beauty. It’s a protective embrace that enhances the visual charm of your white gold pieces and fortifies them. This protective layer wards off the daily battles against scratches and wear, ensuring your precious mementoes remain pristine.

However, white gold may begin to thin with time. The natural friction from daily wear, the occasional encounter with harsh chemicals, or even your skin’s unique chemistry can gradually diminish its lustre.

Nevertheless, it’s merely a pause, a reminder to renew and revive the splendour that your jewellery rightfully deserves.


Signs of White Gold Jewelry in Need of Restoration

Your white gold jewellery is a reflection of your cherished moments. However, when this luminous sheen begins to fade, consider it a gentle reminder of the need to restore its original splendour.


The Restoration Process

Cleaning and polishing is a rejuvenating ritual that breathes new life into each piece; restoring the shine that mirrors the twinkling of your cherished moments.

The replating process rekindles the original splendour, infusing your jewellery with renewed vigour and a lustrous finish that whispers tales of elegance reborn.

Each stone is also treated with respect and attention, ensuring every sparkle and glimmer is poised to capture the light of your life’s journey.

As the journey nears its end, your jewellery undergoes a final, comprehensive inspection.


DIY vs. Professional Restoration

The hands-on approach has a certain allure, a chance to form an even deeper bond with your cherished pieces. It’s cost-effective but also a journey filled with personal discovery and accomplishment.

However, this path has its pitfalls. The lack of professional precision and quality can sometimes lead to less-than-stellar outcomes. Not to mention the dangers of working with such specialist chemicals and equipment.

The Mastery of Professional Restoration

Seasoned artisans wield tools and materials with the finesse of a maestro, ensuring each piece of jewellery is restored and reborn. Their skilled hands breathe life into dulled treasures, reinstating their lost lustre. It’s a resurrection of beauty, guided by the steady, experienced hands of a master jeweller.

Finding Your Jewellery’s Guardian

The journey to find a reputable jeweller for restoration is akin to seeking a guardian for your most treasured memories. It’s a quest that requires diligence, fuelled by research and glowing referrals.


How to Care for Replated White Gold Jewellery

Caring for your replated white gold jewellery is an act that helps preserve each piece’s stories and memories. Regular cleaning with gentle, non-abrasive products is akin to whispering gratitude to your treasures.

Steering Clear of Hazards

Harsh chemicals and physical impacts are the unseen adversaries of your replated white gold’s elegance. By shielding your jewellery from these harmful elements, you preserve its physical beauty and safeguard each piece’s emotional value and heritage.


The Cost of White Gold Restoration

White gold restoration is an investment in preserving your personal history. The cost is influenced by a tapestry of factors, from the complexity of the work required to the jeweller’s expertise, whose skilled hands turn time back.

The price can also vary from the more straightforward task of replating to more intricate repairs. This cost range reflects the craftsmanship required to restore the beauty of your jewellery and the essence of the moments it represents.



White gold jewellery is much more than a mere accessory. It’s a vessel of memories, a silent witness to the cherished moments of your life. The costs involved in restoration are not merely financial but emotional investments.

Here at Saint Gyles Jewellers, our skilled artisans excel in the fine art of gold replating and restoration. With their expert touch, your treasured jewellery will undergo a magical transformation.